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Contrary to appearances on this website, I still walk among the living, and internet-enabled. I've been beset by both a large backlog of material to write here, and lack of desire to do so. Most of this has to do with my traveling, which it seems is pretty much all I write about here anymore. I'm trying to get better. Here is where I've gone in the last over-half-a-year:

August: Upper Midwest (8 states - 6 new)
October: Northeast (8 states - 7 new)
November: Colorado
January: Hawai'i

Most of these travels have been toward completing my "50 by 30" goal. I'm pleased to say that as of now I've visited 49 states, with almost 2 months to go until my 30th birthday. Also in that time I will be making a trip to Barbados for a week as part of Trevor & Stacy's entourage. In the 3+ weeks between getting back and my birthday, I'll be taking my AICP exam then heading up to Alaska to make all 50!

Other non-travel-related things I have been up to include:

- I bought a new bike. It is a city bike, mostly for transportation. As the weather gets nicer and the days brighter I'm going to try to break it out often.
- My idea of a fun night in Tillamook is going to public meetings, so I got myself appointed to a committee working toward forming a park & recreation district in the greater Tillamook area. If it goes through it will help the community out a lot.
- I'm still on the board to directors for the TCTD. Did I mention that they elected me board chair this year? I'm like a freakin' pillar of the community or something.
- I had an unchaperoned uncle-niece outing with Katherine to a birthday party with lots of kids. She is old enough now (3 this summer) that potty issues aren't so scary anymore for silly ol' Uncle Bill. It was a fun, good way for both of us to hop into a little independence.
- In preparation for my trip to Barbados (or "Tomatoes," as Katherine calls it) I have been visiting the local tanning salon. Not really my cup o' tea, but it seems to be working. And it is nice to be warm on occasion...
- Although I do still visit the Y a few times a week, and many times sit in the sauna for a spell after a swim. Mmmm... toasty.

April 07, 2006 10:27 PM

Comments (8)

04/10: Sam Williams said:

Robbie is aghast that you have been fake n baking. Of course, I blame him for raising the bar in pigmentation with the whole "living in Hawaii" thing he started.

04/12: John said:

Bill, get out of that tanning thing. Your Irish-Sweedish skin wasn't meant to deal with the rays of the Great Yellow Orb. Just get some SPF 45 for your trip.

04/12: Bill said:

Robbie, aghast? Never!

John, you are not smart. We've always tanned well. There are pictures of the 3 of us as kids in the summertime with brown skin and practically white hair.

And since tanning seems to be the over-riding concern of this post, let it be known that I'm just doing it so as to protect myself from burning too much. I'm not planning to keep it up upon my return.

04/12: Mike said:

A word to the wise. If you're going to sport the thong in Barbados, you had better do your tanning in a thong. Nothing is tackier than a tourist who's wearing a thong but has swim trunks tan lines.

04/13: Trevor said:

Dear William,

Please do not "sport" a thong in my presence, stylish lack of tan line notwithstanding.



04/15: kelley said:

have you considered waxing? no one would blame you for getting a pedicure, either, if you're going to be walking about shoeless the whole time.
actually, now that i think about it, your tan would look much nicer if you had a facial, first.

04/19: Robbie said:

Baking is fine, so long as you don't surpass the glory of my tan. And yes, take along the SPF 45. It took me 2 months of beach time before I got down to SPF 15.

05/11: Mike said:

Something's gone horribly wrong. I'm scared.