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Catching Up

I've been terrifically busy at work lately, which I suppose isn't really an excuse for not keeping this up-to-date, as I haven't kept this very up to date in months. But, that's what's happening. Another planner was gone for about a month, on top of a busy time of year anyway. So I've been kept hopping around here. I'm looking forward v. much to a short break, as I'm heading to LA on Thursday for an extended Cali-weekend.

What else?

Health & Fitness: I feel pretty good right now, although my weight loss has been at a plateau for a few months. But I think I'm getting stronger with all the swimming I've been doing. Did I mention I've been swimming? I joined the Y in December, and have mainly been using it for the pool. I've been keeping track (in excel, I'm one of these people) of my swimming since January, and I've been steadily increasing the distance I swim each time. And I find myself less fatigued at the end, and taking fewer, shorter breaks between laps. So that's pretty awesome. Mostly I'm happy when I don't drown. I'm walking more as well, now that the weather is kind of better again.

And walking is more fun now that I got a new toy for my birthday! Of course, now I totally need to accessorize, I want an armband (not a big fan of the lanyard) and at some point a way to hook it into my car. The easiest, cheapest solution is also the worst quality. There isn't a lot out there for the shuffle yet (no iPod dock connector, you see), so I'm kind of leaning toward something that I can just plug into the headphone jack. I'm pretty sure I'd lose the use of my CD player that way though... probably not a bad tradeoff.

June 13, 2005 09:57 PM

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07/20: Marisa said:

Long time no see! This sounds like you are doing great.