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I have been feeling restless the last few days, I guess after recovering from my trip. I should join the gym or something. I want to go on vacation again, but I mis-figured some of my time, and kind of tried to do some things they don't let us do (that I did not realize), so I have less vacation now than I had anticipated. Bummer. I'll have to mete out my vacation time carefully, I suppose!

In the 50 states department, people have found this fun application that will generate a map of your visited states (or countries!). I like my map better, but it took me more time to make it. If you're just screwing around I say try it out.

Also check out this fun anthropomorphizing of states.

I'll be re-arranging the side bar of this page soon to reflect some more of my travels. You can see my first dedicated travelog page here. I might add a page for last summer's road trip when I can find the pictures.

I'm probably going to California this summer, and hopefully will pick up at least a few new states this year. I'm modifying my previous estimate, I think I can get to the Florida panhandle on a trip to New Orleans, picking up Lousiana and Mississippi, at least. I've been to Alabama before, so it is of no use to me. Texas and Arkansas might be a stretch, depending on how much time I had to work with.

Anyone wanna go to New Orleans? What is a good time of year to go? I hate the humidity. And hurricanes.

February 04, 2004 09:13 PM

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02/05: kelley said:

maybe you should follow a band salmon, or widespread panic. yeah, widespread panic. but you have to call them "widespread" and sell burritos out of a cooler in the honda. you'd make your way through a bunch of states, and have plenty of travelling companions!

02/05: stacy said:

clearly you should go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

02/05: Trevor said:

Mardi Gras = Not Bill's cup of tea.

Humidity = pervasive. Learn to love it. I sure did during my stay in Alabama!

02/06: Bill said:

I imagine if you're not going *for* Mardi Gras, that would be one of the worst times of year to go!

And yeah, not really my thing, I guess. Which is too bad, I bet it probably would have been fun at one time. Perhaps I'll have to opt for Carnivale someday instead.

02/06: stacy said:

What do you mean by "it probably would have been fun at one time"? I'm just curious. That part didn't make a lot of sense to me. It would have been fun to *you* at one time? Like, before you were a pillar of the community? Or fun for all people at one time? Like, before it turned into Girls Gone Wild?

02/06: Bill said:

The latter. The whole frat-boy milieu wasn't always a part of it.

02/07: Trevor said:

Looks like the frat "milieu" is confined to the French Quarter, and only part of that, perhaps?

02/07: Bill said:

Seeing as I've never been there, I'm certain there are plenty of family-friendly aspects to it, and that we just hear about the spring-break atmosphere more.

I still say that unless that's why you're going, it would be a terrible time to go... expensive, full flights, hotels, restaurants, etc.

02/09: stacy said:

I find it entertaining that Bill's looking at "family-friendly" aspects of travel :)

02/27: stacy said:

I just checked out the link. it's totally cool. I'm going to use it!