Your Pal Bill

Europe 2004 Day 9

Today I woke up later than I meant to (Trevor's guest bed has magic sleep-inducing and maintaining properties... also the alarm did not function) and packed my things, and headed off on the train from Bury St. Edmunds. After switching trains at Ipswich, I arrived at London Liverpool Street. I stopped in at Brent's flat for a bit, then headed off to the London Transport Museum. Now, I realize that I am quite nerdy in matters of public transport, but this was really a cool museum. I imagine all sorts of people would really enjoy it. I, of course, enjoyed it immensely!

I think I was close to the last person out of the museum as they closed- and I didn't even get through it all. I didn't realize they had such an extensive section on design until the end, though. I kicked myself for not spending more time there instead of looking at buses or something. I love the design of the tube. The roundel is just instantly recognizable, and of course the tube map is a design classic. So I'll have to make sure I get over there first thing next time.

After that, I wandered around the Covent Garden area for a bit before cutting across to Charing Cross Road, down through Trafalgar Square, and all the way down Whitehall this time. I walked past a lot of government buildings, and even saw Downing Street. There was quite a bit of security presence visible there, as you could well imagine. I walked down to across from the Houses of Parliament, and went down and caught the tube at Westminster back to Brent's.

While I was in Bury, Brent's pal Jimiane had arrived from the States, so the 3 of us hung out for a while and visited the local supermarket to gather provisions. Soon Trevor arrived and we all pretty much just hung out for a while, having dinner in. Later we visited the pub across the street for a few pints.

January 23, 2004 11:59 PM