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My dubious quest to visit each of the 50 states before my 30th birthday.

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August 09, 2005

Upper Midwest

Last weekend I made a too-quick trip through the upper midwest to bag several new states to add to my growing list. I departed PDX at 1 o'clock in the morning on Saturday, First Class (thank goodness) to Minneapolis, where I caught a connecting flight to Des Moines, where I would rent the car and begin my adventures. The first new state I visited was, of course, Iowa (state 35). I was warned on the MSP-DSM flight by a very sunburned, depressing local not to head south due to some huge race. Luckily, my plan all along was to go west, young man, through the plains of Iowa to the... uh, plains of Nebraska (36)! I hit Omaha in time to visit and wander around a surprisingly pleasant, lively market district downtown. I had a couple a of tasty slices at a local pizza joint for lunch before heading north.

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February 16, 2005


As part of my ongoing quest, I decided to take a long weekend and headed for South Florida. I hopped on a plane at PDX on Saturday night, and by the way of Sea-Tac, the red-eye got me into Miami early on Sunday morning. I went straight to the rental car place to pick up my car, a Stratus with Ohio plates. I headed south on the Florida's Turnpike, toward the Florida Keys.

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September 06, 2004

Southern Swing Day 3

I got an early start this morning, heading first thing to the library in Conway to see if I could get a small bit of internet. As I half expected, the library was closed for Labor Day. So I got out of town, heading north up into the Ozarks. For the first time the entire trip, the weather was cooler and more bearable without blasting the A/C.

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September 05, 2004

Southern Swing Day 2

I awoke later than I had planned, but considering the 2 hour time difference it was close to the usual time. I checked out of the motel and left Longview, heading east toward Shreveport. Just before entering Louisiana (state 28), I took a side road so that I could pull over and take a picture by the "Welcome To" signs. I was pleased that not only was there a sign for the state, but for the parish as well.

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09/04: Southern Swing Day 1

Today I headed off to Texas on an afternoon flight out of PDX.

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09/03: Southern Swing

I'm heading off tomorrow on a flight to Dallas that I booked somewhat on impulse last week.

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02/04: Restlessness

I have been feeling restless the last few days, I guess after recovering from my trip.

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10/17: Travel updates

I'm still excited about traveling, especially after finding a huge internet forum where there are people who talk about all sorts of crazy flying and travel-related things. I was thinking about going to Florida in January, but I'd rather run over to jolly olde England to see Trevor.

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08/28: Traveling Plans

I have been enamored with thoughts of travel lately, as Trevor is gone, and heads off to England in a short while. Also, our recent trip made me renew my 50 by 30 resolve.

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07/15: Road Trip Day 4

Day 4 of the 2003 Road Trip: Yellowstone Park, Wyoming to Shelby, Montana.

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07/13: Road Trip Day 2

Day 2 of the 2003 Road Trip: Caldwell, Idaho to Grand Teton Park, Wyoming.

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07/12: Road Trip Day 1

Day 1 of the 2003 Road Trip: Portland to Caldwell, Idaho.

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04/05: Long Days, Many States

On Thursday I finished my class. On Friday I rented a car and drove through West Virginia and Gettyburg. On Saturday I drove to Philadelphia, then through New Jersey and Delaware on my way back to Annapolis.

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10/25: Going to SC

Uh, so I'm going to South Carolina tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to it, I hear Charleston is quite lovely....

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